Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Joe Cunningham Workshop

Joe Cunningham was in town this week and I had the pleasure of taking his hand quilting workshop. I am a beginner at hand quilting so I didn't have to forget what I already knew. He taught us how to do the rocking stitch with a teeny tiny needle.  Roxanne #11 Betweens. He also showed us what to do with the ends of the thread so there is not a knot, and how to quilt so that when you're at a quilting frame you can  quilt in any direction, not just right to left (if you're right handed).

We got a close up look at some of his quilts. He does not mark them. He just free hand stitches and adds his signature into the stitches (can you see his name in the stitching?) and sometime a few other words that pertain to the overall quilt. So what if the leaves aren't all the same size and the lines aren't all the same distance apart. He also does machine quilting.

Last night at the guild meeting he entertained us with his guitar playing and singing. And of course, he showed his quilts and gave us the scoop on how and why he did what he did. Afterall, they are art quilts and not everybody would "get it."

The quilt below is called "Snakes in the Garden" and is on the cover of his new book Men and the Art of Quiltmaking.

The quilt below is called "Every Day is a Good Day".
The background red fabric is actually a wide backing. Now it's a fronting!

And my favorite.... "Winter Twister". Maybe it's my favorite because it's black and white.

He will be teaching another workshop today and then heading over to Gee's Bend, AL
to quilt with his friends there. He loves the traditions of the Gee's Bend Quilters... learning from their mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmother, and even gathering in the same building for over a hundred years.

Click here to visit Joe's website: Joe the Quilter

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