Tuesday, November 1, 2011

LSU Quilt

In honor of the big SEC football game coming up this weekend
and being a Louisiana girl, I was inspired to make an LSU quilt.

LSU vs. Alabama

Both teams are undefeated so far this season.
That  streak will end for one team this Saturday.

The quilt piecing was simple...
Two purple strips, one tiger print strip,
and two cheddar yellow pieces to finish it off.
The quilting was all done by machine with straight lines -
 diagonal on the cheddar, channels on the stripes.
The backing is one big piece of tiger print.
Finished size - 37 x 39 inches.

Sometimes simple is better :-)

Geaux tigers!


  1. I am a Stanford fan as I live in the Bay Area but I love this quilt. The design is great. I am also making my first quilt ever with a charm pack I bought from you. Thanks for the blog, lots of info that is helpful for a newbie.

  2. Glad you are enjoying the blog. I still consider myself a newbie, but I've been attempting to quilt for about six years now. I still prefer a quick simple design over something complicated with a lot of time-consuming piecing. I don't use patterns very often... just sketch something out then go with it. That's how the LSU, Alabama, and CMYK quilts evolved.

  3. Where did you get the tiger stripe fabric? I can't seem to find the shade I need and yours looks perfect. You made a beautiful quilt. Geaux Tigers!!!!!

  4. Oh dear! I buy so much fabric that I forget where I get them. The name on the selvedge is 2007 Brother Sister Design Studio. I think it came from either Hobby Lobby or Joann's.

  5. Thanks so much for getting me that fabric info. That should help me find it :)