Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Same pattern, different colors

I've made a quilt with this pattern before and it turned out so beautiful that I just had to do it again. The first one was made with the most boring of all the colors in my batik stash.... brown, grey, gold, black, a little dark blue. Not that they were ugly, just not as bright as the others. It's for my son and I didn't want it to look girlie.
This time it's bright and cheery colors. Aqua, blue, green, magenta, purple.
First thing first..... cut fabric into 2.5 inch strips.

Celebrate the end of strip cutting by oohhing and ahhing, petting, fanning,
and maybe posting some pictures on facebook for your friends to see
what you're up to.

Next.... cutting strips into 2.5 x 6.5 inch pieces and 2.5 x 2.5 inch squares.
More oohhing and ahhing!

Now for the sewing! I started by sewing the little square pieces together first,
chain piecing to save on thread, then sewed the longer pieces to each side
to make the blocks. I pressed each seam as I went.

Q: What is chain piecing? A: Sewing two pieces together, then without lifting the
presser foot or cutting the thread, sew the next two pieces.
This take a little organization so as not to sew the wrong pieces together.

The blocks are all made. Ready for tomorrow's sewing session 
I need a break :-)

With scrappy quilts, some people prefer to just start sewing the blocks together
randomly, but I like to lay them all out and rearrange them until I don't see two of the
same color next to each other. I usually start with the boldest or darkest color and
spread them out in the design so the eye will jump around the quilt to each one.

Sew the blocks into rows.....

Then sew the rows together, matching up the seams so the corners all
meet perfectly. Well, okay, get them as perfect as possible. If they are off
by too much, your quilt edges will not be straight. I like mine perfect because
I am not friends with my seam ripper.

And it's done ! ! ! Ready for quilting.

Here's the link to the other one I made with this pattern.
I hope you are inspired ! !

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