Friday, January 6, 2012

My New Old Sewing Machine

I learned to sew on this machine when I was about 12 years old. It belonged to my mother and it's a few years older than I am. I'm probably giving my age away now. Two months ago she asked me if I wanted it and I took her up on the offer. I emptied out all of the drawers.... lots of old thread, buttons, pins and needles, snaps, hook and eyes, rick rack, hem tape, several pairs of dull scissors, patterns, the original tube of lube (looked like it had never been used), attachments galore, and the users' manuals. Not much in there that a quilter would use. But the manual sure came in handy when I decided to........

....take the machine apart, clean it, oil it, and lube it. And I'm happy to say that after putting it all back together.... it worked!! These old machines are so user friendly.

Look at all these attachments. Wouldn't you know that the one I really needed for quilting was not included. I had to get a darning foot, also known as a hopping foot or free motion quilting foot.

Here is the button hole attachment. I remember my mom using it but if I really need to make a button hole I will probably use my other machine because it would be easier than this contraption.

The chair has storage in the seat but that old gold vinyl covering had seen its better days. Doesn't it look so much better now ??

Here are a few table runners and small quilts I did on this machine.

My free motion quilting is getting better and better on each quilt. I am enjoying this old machine and I'm sure it will see me through many more projects. Thanks Mom!!


  1. My Mother-in-law and Mom both have that very same machine my Mom's belonged to my Grandma before she passed away, don't know what happened to the desk or maybe there wasn't one with it. It has some very cool attachments, like the ruffler, and some I don't even know what they would be used for.

  2. WOW...beautiful machine & cabinet! the older machines are alot more uncomplicated/user friendly. you are blessed indeed :)

  3. Nice. My mom wouldn't let me use her sewing machine so I learned at a school home ec class, and my folks did buy me a WHITE machine when I graduated from high school. I got a new one about 10 years ago - wish I would have kept that old one, it could have been a spare. . . all metal parts - nothing ever wore out - sewed clothes for the kids on it . . . and me of course.

  4. I love vintage machines and have a number of them myself. I am having two rewired right now. I can't wait to get them back.

  5. So fun! Great job with the chairs and you're right...your stippling is getting better. Love the old machine many memories attached to it, no?

  6. I learned to sew on an old treadle machine. That thing actually did a pretty good job. It started me off on my road for the love of all things sewing. Great blog!

  7. I had a treadle machine once, but when I left Africa I had to leave it behind :-(
    The chair's new look is great, good job there! :-)

    I find that the old machines can do heavier work that the newer ones just can't cope with.. :-)

  8. Your machine look great...Love it...And your freemotion quilting is pretty.
    found you from QQQ. :)

  9. I love your quilting. And your chair is much improved. So happy for you to have such a nice machine from your Mom.