Saturday, March 24, 2012


What do you get when you start digging through the closets of a quilter?
Lots of unfinished projects! Lots of scraps...lots of sewing notions...
This one had been in there long enough. I just had to finish it.

 "Scrappy Rail Fence"

And here is the back.....

About six years ago I started my fabric square business. I would go fabric shopping at least three times a week, come home and wash, dry, and iron it all, then cut it into squares to sell on Ebay. It was not an easy job. I kept the leftover scraps in a huge plastic tub. Okay, several huge plastic tubs :-) I could probably make 20 quilts like this with what I have left, even after donating most of it.

I went over to one of the quilting bees in the area one day and ask if they wanted some scraps. I brought a bag full to show them what I had, but no way could I put it all in my little car. They would have to come and get it. So the following week on bee day they showed up at my house, caravan style, and each one "claimed" a bin as she walked in. One of the ladies thought of making some quilts to send to Haiti after the earthquake hit so they now had a great use for all this stuff. I'm not sure how many quilts came out of it, but it was at least 20-30. They sat and sewed, and sewed, and sewed. Rows and rows of scraps, a little trimming, then more sewing. One lady volunteered to sew bindings on them. She had a fancy schmancy attachment that folded and sewed all in one swoop.

Here are some of the Haiti quilts...
not all of the fabric used here was from me,
 but I'm glad my scraps went to a good cause.

A lot of the scraps were 4 inches one way but not the same the other way.
They sewed them all together anyway and came up with these.
Notice the seams don't match up, but aren't these great ? Very colorful.
Great job, ladies!!!


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  1. I think that was so wonderful of you to donate your fabric. I just can't yet even though some of it is 7 years old. Hopefully soon though.